What was the first gas powered car made?

Answer The first gas powered car ever made was the Benz 3-wheeler. Karl Benz invented it in 1885 and debuted it at Mannheim, Germany. Benz's car had three wheels and was powered by a gasoline internal com... Read More »

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Who made the first gas powered car?

When the first gasoline car engine was invented in Europe in 1860, it opened the door for Karl Benz to introduce the first gas powered car in 1885. This car held two passengers and had four wheels.... Read More »

What year was the first gas-powered car made?

The Library of Congress lists Karl Friedrich Benz as the inventor of the first, true gasoline-powered automobile in 1885 or 1886. The three-wheeled Benz vehicle ran on a four-cycle engine. In Ameri... Read More »

When was the first solar powered airplane made?

The unmanned craft Sunrise was the world's first solar airplane. It was first flown under solar power at Bicycle Lake Army Airfield in San Bernardino County, California in 1974. Aircraft designer L... Read More »

Who Made the First Pedal Powered Sewing Machine?

The first pedal-powered sewing machine was invented by I.M. Singer, of Singer sewing machine fame, in 1851. He innovated the foot treadle as a means of replacing sewing machines that were powered b... Read More »