What was the first film to be shown on BBC?

Answer Idunnolol

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Where can you get the film Switched at Birth shown in 1991 and starring Bonnie Bedelia?

Looking for tv show or film about 3 astronauts that are stranded in orbit and are shown as human skeletons?

You can"t judge a book by it"s cover, this might be- the accident as described- no dead-man"s clutch or skeleton crew astros- did not happen in the matter shown-may have been Marooned- the quasi-do... Read More »

Which is ur favourite line from any film . it can be from hollywood or bollywood...or any other film industr?

"I'll be back"-Terminator 1."Do you like it?" Girls-Rocco Sigfredy

How do i remove film manually from a pentax slr 35 mm, without ruining the film which did not rewind?

There is always a override rewind button on automatic cameras. Check again, because you have apparently missed it. It is often a recessed button that is placed where you cannot accidentally press... Read More »