What was the first electronic typewriter called?

Answer IBM invented the first electronic typewriter, known simply as IBM's Electric Typewriter, "endowing the typewriter with an 'electronic intelligence.'" According to a 1956 company press release, IBM... Read More »

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What was the name of the first electronic typewriter?

The Blickensderfer Manufacturing Company created the first electric typewriter in 1902 in Stamford, Connecticut. Simply called the Blickensderfer Electric Typewriter, it was a revolutionary design ... Read More »

Who manufactured the first electronic typewriter?

The first electronic typewriters were the IBM Electronic Typewriter 50 and the IBM Electronic Typewriter 60. They were produced in 1978 by International Business Machines, otherwise known as IBM. F... Read More »

When was the first electronic typewriter made?

IBM, Olivetti, Casio, Exxon and Xerox have all produced machines that have been called the first electronic typewriter. Because the typewriters included different electronic features, the designati... Read More »

What was the first electronic computer ever called?

The world's first electronic computer was built by the Army in order to compute firing tables for artillery and bomber crews in World War II. It was named the "Electronic Numerical Integrator And C... Read More »