What was the first digital computer?

Answer Professor John Vincent Atanasoff and graduate student Clifford Berry built the first digital computer, the Atanasoff-Berry Computer, also known as the ABC, at Iowa State University. Construction be... Read More »

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How to Transfer Digital Photos from Your Digital Camera to Your Computer?

It can be a hassle and can take a lot of time for an inexperienced user to transfer digital photos from digital camera to a personal computer. However, once learned, it will take only a matter of m... Read More »

Who invented the first digital computer?

Professor John Vincent Atanasoff along with graduate student Cliff Berry, invented the Atanasoff-Berry computer, also known as the ABC, in 1937. Its development was continued until 1942. Eckert and... Read More »

Can you use a digital tv tuner on your computer?

TV tuners can be fitted with personal computers to allow users to record shows and save them to their computer's hard drive. Users can also pause and rewind live TV with the tuners, which are manuf... Read More »

What is a good computer for digital art?

Mac is expensive is right, and you are paying a lot for the name and the OS which is incompatible with a lot of software, so lets leave that out. I also don't like the reviews of HP and Dellhttp://... Read More »