Which opened first: Disney World or Disneyland?

Answer Disneyland opened before Disney World on July 17, 1955. Disney World, also known as The Magic Kingdom, opened later in October of 1971. Disneyland featured 18 attractions upon opening and completed... Read More »

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When was Walt Disney World in Florida opened?

Almost five years after the death of Walt Disney, Walt Disney World opened in central Florida on October 1, 1971. The Walt Disney Company acquired 28,000 acres for this project, allowing future exp... Read More »

After the monorail accident at Disney World will Disney officials disallow people to sit up with the driver?

I hope not - I rode in the front with the driver this past's just an unfortunate accident.I was also wondering about the time it occurred...

How long is Disney's Beauty& the Beast live at Walt Disney World?

"Beauty and the Beast - Live on Stage" lasts 25 minutes. It's a Broadway-style musical located at Disney's Hollywood Studios next to Tower of Terror on Sunset Boulevard. The show features five clas... Read More »

Hotels in Downtown Disney at Walt Disney World in Florida?

Walt Disney World Resort is the world's most popular theme park, and its Magic Kingdom attracted more than 17 million visitors in 2007, according to the trade magazine Park World. With most of thes... Read More »