What was the first computer with a mouse& a GUI?

Answer Teamed with the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) and his computer development idea, Doug Engelbart created the initial graphical user interface (GUI) system and the mouse. In December 1968,... Read More »

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A mouse is a mouse. more than one mouse is call mice. what do you call more then one mouse (computer mouse)?

Why is a mouse called a mouse ( as in computer mouse )?

Why is a computer mouse, called a mouse?

hi chasey the name mouse originated from the originated at the Stanford Research Institute,and derives from the resemblance of early models (which had a cord attached to the rear part of th... Read More »

Why do we call computer mouse as mouse?

Because the first ones were shaped more like a mouse and were never cordless, hence, they appeared to have a tail. They were always white with no fancy designs, so from afar they literally looked l... Read More »