What was the first commercially advertised computer for sale to the public?

Answer According to a 1984 article in "Creative Computing" magazine by Forrest M. Mims III, co-founder of the Model Instrument Telemetry Systems Company (MITS), a paid advertisement for the Altair 8800, t... Read More »

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How to get my book advertised in public like buses, trains, (posters)?

most of the spots that you have mentioned are already owned by advertising companies or are under yearly contract (buses)you will have to contact the space owners directly or go through an ad agency

How much did the first commercially used computer weigh?

The first computer made commercially available in the United States was the UNIVAC I (UNIVersal Automatic Computer I) in 1951. It weighed 29,000 pounds (13 metric tons), was 8.5 feet high and the e... Read More »

What Was the First Commercially Successful Digital Computer?

The first commercially successful computer was the Apple II, which was released by Apple Computers Incorporated on April 16th, 1977. Apple Computers Incorporated was established on April 1, 1976, b... Read More »

When was the first commercially available desktop computer sold?

The first desktop computer was commercially available in 1950. It was called the Simon and produced by Berkeley Electronics. It retailed for approximately $300, and more than 400 Simons were sold b... Read More »