What was the first color video arcade game?

Answer Video arcade game manufacturers began experimenting with color during the mid-1970s, often by placing pieces of colored cellophane on the screen. The 1979 game Galaxian, however, was the first tru... Read More »

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Non-Video Arcade Pub Games?

Pub and bar culture is centuries old, and many tavern keepers resent the intrusion of flashing screens and joysticks into the pub, though they recognize the amount of spare change a few gaming mach... Read More »

How to Troubleshoot Video Arcade Games?

A coin-operated video arcade can dress up a recreational room, or even provide supplementary income. Moving these large machines is difficult, but once in place they typically require little mainte... Read More »

How much is an arcade basketball game?

In June 2010, the Huffy Dual Electronic basketball arcade game could be purchased for $159.99 at online retailer Dick's Sporting Goods (see the References section for a link). Along with two hoops,... Read More »

Who invented the first arcade game?

Nutting Associates released the first arcade game to the general public. The game was called "Computer Space." It was designed and created by Nolan Bushnell and Ted Dabney but was not successful. B... Read More »