What color is Carrie Bradshaw's new room in Sex and the City movie?

Answer The color was actually a custom color. It is relatively similar to the Benjamin Moore "Electric Blue".

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What was the first movie on hbo?

According to "HBO Soundtrack:Home Box Office 5 Years - Nov 1977 HBO Guide," the first program and film broadcast on HBO was "Sometimes a Great Notion." The film starred Paul Newman and Henry Fonda... Read More »

What color was the first laser?

The first optical laser was created on July 7, 1960, at the Hughes Research Facility in California by Theodore Maiman. The laser was red in color, and was called a "ruby laser," as it was reflected... Read More »

What was the first Nike color?

Nike's original "Moon Shoe" had a blue exterior with white laces and brown soles. The running shoe, created in 1972 by Nike's founder Bill Bowerman, also featured the now-famous Nike "swoosh" logo.... Read More »

What was the first color of M&M candy?

Created in the 1930s and first introduced to the public in 1941, M&M candies have a hard, colored candy shell. The original candy shell colors included red, yellow, green, brown, orange and violet.... Read More »