Who was Sofia in the movie The Color Purple?

Answer Oprah Winfrey

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What color is Carrie Bradshaw's new room in Sex and the City movie?

The color was actually a custom color. It is relatively similar to the Benjamin Moore "Electric Blue".

Futuristic 70s movie where everyone has gems imbedded in their hands and they can only be with people with the same color?

Logan's RunIt's not Logan's Run. In that film the color told your age. It didn't have anything to do with sex matching.

What show or movie was it where there were 3 astronauts that flew to mars and it appeared they went back in time 2 stay and 1 returns to earth Twilight Zone maybe but i remember it being in color HELP?

You might be remembering the original Planet of the Apes (1968).

What color car do you drive What color is the safest color?

i drive a silver ford fusion and i love it like a baby. a white car is the safest color for a car because it is visible in any weather conditions, especially at night. the next safest color is red ... Read More »