What was the first coin made in the world?

Answer According to the Northwest Territorial Mint, the first coins as a store of value were used by the state of Lydia (a Mediterranean state) about 610 B.C. At this time, King Alyattes put his image on ... Read More »

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What is the most expensive coin in the world?

According to Forbes, the 1933 $20 double eagle gold coin is likely the most valuable and rarest coin in the world--worth an estimated $6 million. Only 10 were produced, and nine were recovered and ... Read More »

What is the rarest coin in the world?

As of 2010, the rarest coin in the world is the 1933 Double Eagle coin, a gold coin with a face value of $20. The coins were made in 1907, but during the Great Depression, President Roosevelt took ... Read More »

What is the oldest coin in the world?

The generally accepted oldest coin in the world is the "stater," struck in Lydia during the sixth century B.C. Lydia, now western Turkey, was a trading center that used the coins in commerce. Made ... Read More »

How to Get the Second Star Coin in World 2-4?

Special star coins are part of a side objective in the "New Super Mario Bros." video game for the Wii. Every level in every world has three large coins with a star embossed on them. You can use sta... Read More »