What was the first coin made in the world?

Answer According to the Northwest Territorial Mint, the first coins as a store of value were used by the state of Lydia (a Mediterranean state) about 610 B.C. At this time, King Alyattes put his image on ... Read More »

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What was the first coin made in America?

As the colonies began to clash with Great Britain, they realized they needed to mint their own currency. The first "American" coin was the New England Silver Coin minted in 1652 in Boston, Massachu... Read More »

What year was the first U.S. 5-cent coin made?

The U.S. five-cent piece was introduced in 1792 and is known as the "Birch Half Disme" by collectors. This version of the nickel lasted until 1794, when it was replaced by the "Flowing Hair" half d... Read More »

What was the first gun ever made in the world?

Gunpowder was discovered in 9th century China, and primitive guns were created from bamboo tubes. The first European handguns emerged in the 15th century and were similar to cannons; they were fron... Read More »

Who made the first world globe?

The first globe is believed to have been made by Crates of Mallus, a Greek man, in 140 B.C. However, the geographical globe would not have resembled anything like the globes we see today, because t... Read More »