What do you put first when you make cereal, the milk or the cereal?

Answer Definitely the cereal. Putting milk in first is not a great idea because I've tried it and the cereal doesn't go down all the way sometimes. With the cereal placed first the milk can just easily fl... Read More »

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Who invented milk&cereal?

The honors for first person to combine cereal and milk go inventor James Caleb Jackson and his breakfast cereal, Granula, developed and marketed in 1863. This dense cereal needed to be soaked in mi... Read More »

Who invented putting milk on cereal?

The first account of using milk with a cereal product was in 1863, when Dr. James Caleb Jackson soaked dense bran nuggets in milk overnight to make the cereal chewable. He called the product Granul... Read More »

Is cereal a healthy but boring form of breakfast What would you do to spice up a cereal breakfast?

Cereal is yummy! Special K is my favorite. Most of my friends like the sugar stuff, like frosted flaked, Reese Puffs, Lucky Charms. I've never really liked sugary cereals. Healthy cereals are actua... Read More »

How to Make Surprise Cereal (an Economy Cereal Using Toasted Bread Crumbs)?

Maple syrup sweetens a homemade cereal.Another World War I recipe using humble ingredients to stretch the food budget. Bread crumbs (graham, corn or oatmeal bread crumbs are suggested) are mixed wi... Read More »