What was the first case of domestic violence in history?

Answer The oldest known form of domestic violence dates back to 753 B.C. During this time, the Laws of Chastisement allowed a man to beat his wife with switches or rods, legally, as long as the circumfere... Read More »

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Domestic violence case you would like to drop can you do it and how do you do it?

Can the police file charges in a domestic violence case?

The police do not ever file charges. The police can make arrests and file reports with the local prosecutor's office. The prosecutor will then review the report and decide whether or not to press c... Read More »

If the father is in jail for domestic violence at the time of a custody case does the judge usually give the mother sole custody?

Answer Yes, the safe environment of a child always comes first, so your chances of gaining full custody are high.

Can you still adopt in Washington if your husband has an old misdemeanor for domestic violence not with you he completed anger management classes and probation and has no other criminal history?

I'm not certain this answers the question as it was intended, but hopefully it helps.This is purely speculative on my part, but qualified nonetheless by my having originated within a dysfunctional ... Read More »