Who made the first candy bar?

Answer The first candy bar was created in 1847, when confectioner Joseph Fry perfected a method of making paste out of cocoa powder and sugar. The paste could then be shaped into a bar by a mold and sold.... Read More »

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Who made the first rock candy?

The exact person who made the first rock candy has been lost to history. A refined sugar, rock candy-like treat was created around 200 A.D. and was called "Sugre Candie." Rock candy was used in Wes... Read More »

Who first made AirHeads candy?

AirHeads are a chewy, colorful candy that comes in numerous flavors, including watermelon, cherry, blue raspberry and white mystery, among others. AirHeads were first made by the Perfetti Van Melle... Read More »

Who first made the candy Airheads?

Perfetti was the original company that made Airheads candy. In 2001, Perfetti merged with another company, Van Melle. The new name of the company is Perfetti Van Melle. Other candies they produce i... Read More »

Who first made rock candy?

Although there are no records on who invented rock candy, the act of refining sugar dates back to 200 C.E. (common era). It's thought to have originated in Persia and India, where writers wrote abo... Read More »