What was the first camera used in history for crime scene photos?

Answer Crime scene photography was invented by the French criminologist and anthropologist Alphonse Bertillon in the late 19th century. Although there is no record of what cameras Bertillon used, it is li... Read More »

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Do UK crime documentaries eg Street Wars glorify crime to provide entertainment or do they make the public aware of ongoing crime in the UK?

thy make the police seam as if thy have a 100% success rate

How do I find info on crime scene photography history?

have you ever asked yourself a question:what kind of world could we live in if no outstanding personhad invented this device thet could capture the a person or landscape? we could loose great varie... Read More »

How are organized crime&white collar crime alike?

People often use the terms "organized crime" and "white collar crime" to classify different kinds of illegal acts or behaviors. While not identical, these terms are both commonly used to describe c... Read More »

What is the difference in being accused of a crime and being suspected of a crime in ucmj?

Unfortunately, this is a (potentially) medically disqualifying condition. However, the doctor at the Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS)will make that determination. Your local recruiter ca... Read More »