What should I have for my first beer?

Answer If you can find a bar, brewery, or restaurant that serves smaller sample sizes, it's a really fun way to see what kind of tastes you might have.Breweries have this as a set-up, but some restaurants... Read More »

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What year was beer first sold in bottles?

English brewer Francis Manning-Needham first sold beer in bottles in 1869. The bottle did not take off until it finally outsold draught beer in 1940. Canned beer outsold bottles in 1969 a full 100 ... Read More »

If you drink one beer during the first couple weeks of pregnancy what will it do?

Answer In all liklihood, nothing. However, consult your physician regarding alcohol consumption. It can be very harmful to your child further into pregnancy.

When you think of Fosters beer from Australia, what is the first thing that comes to mind?

When I think of Foster's the first thing I think of is ... well we don't drink Fosters in Australia. That's our 'export' beer. Sorry guy's. We keep the good beer for home turf. :)But if had to have... Read More »

Is the first beer as good as the last one?

I like the 2nd beer, thats when the warm fuzzy feeling kicks in.