What was the first thing that happened that gave NASA the first clue there was a large asteroid heading towards earth Armageddon?

Answer NASA has already discovered a new planet made out of water.

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What was the first plant on Earth?

The oldest plant form on the Earth is algae. Larger plant forms evolved from green algae. They still share common characteristics, such as a cellulose cell wall and the process of photosynthesis.Re... Read More »

What was the first animal cloned in the world?

The world' first known cloned animal was "Dolly the Sheep." Dolly was cloned in 1996. The announcement was made in 1997. Dolly the Sheep died in 2003. She was euthanized after suffering from a prog... Read More »

I'm buying my first camcorder, what on earth do I look for?

get a tiny one so people dont know you're filming them

What type of animal was selected to test the first electric toothbrush?

The first animal selected to test the electric toothbrush was a dog. The first electric toothbrush to hit the U.S. market was made by the Squibb company in