What was the first animal cloned in the world?

Answer The world' first known cloned animal was "Dolly the Sheep." Dolly was cloned in 1996. The announcement was made in 1997. Dolly the Sheep died in 2003. She was euthanized after suffering from a prog... Read More »

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What type of animal was selected to test the first electric toothbrush?

The first animal selected to test the electric toothbrush was a dog. The first electric toothbrush to hit the U.S. market was made by the Squibb company in

Who made the first stuffed animal?

Margarete Steiff first sold stuffed elephants which she made out of felt in 1880. This is considered the first stuffed animal. Steiff is more famous for making and selling teddy bears, but this did... Read More »

Animal Behavior Projects for First Grade?

If you want to capture a child's interest, introduce an animal--even an earthworm--to your lesson. First grade is a great time to introduce children to concepts of science, and animals make great t... Read More »

How to Make Animal Masks Using Paper Plates for First Graders?

First graders gain a great deal of knowledge through play, according to the PBS Parents website. Paper plate animal masks are an effective way to work with your students' play-based learning style.... Read More »