What was the first TV police series to be turned into a movie?

Answer Dragnet was the first police TV series to be turned into a feature length movie. The TV show starred Jack Webb as Sgt. Joe Friday and ran from 1951 to 1959. The theatrical film was directed by Jack... Read More »

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Who is the black female singer who appears in the 1980's televison series Cagney and Lacy. This person was one of the police officers or police detectives?

The links below will bring you to the official NCIS website pages that explain what NCIS does and what a NCIS special agent does.

When was the BBC Series The day the Earth Turned Upside Down?

From the front bumber to the back of the cab. BBC = bumber to the back of cab.

On the tv series sesame street big bird turned what age in 1991?

Why is police story TV series not on DVD?

Perhaps it was discontinued because of bad ratings when the producers originally intended to continue the story in a second season that never got made.