What was the first Roman history written work called?

Answer The first Roman history written work was undertaken by Quintus Fabius Pictor and began with the founding of Rome. This work was written in Greek, not Latin. Unfortunately, both the title of this bo... Read More »

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What is a roman helmet called?

Roman legionary helmets are called either Montefortino, Coolus, Imperial-Gallic or Imperial-Italic, depending upon the period of use. Helmets used by the cavalry and other non-legionary forces are ... Read More »

What is a roman officer called?

If you mean a military officer, he can be called either a centurion, a tribune, or a legate.

What Were Roman Coins Called?

The smallest unit of money during ancient Roman times was the sestertius, a silver coin. There were four sesteri in one silver denarius and 25 denarii in one gold aureus coin.Source:Kingsmead Hackn... Read More »

What are ancient Roman coins called?

Ancient Romans coins came in more than 20 denominations, with values based on the metal they contained. Four of the most common during the Republic and Imperial periods were the copper As, the bras... Read More »