What was the first RC electric car ever made?

Answer The first remote-controlled electric car was produced by the Italian firm Elettronica Giocattoli in December 1966. The car was first made available in the UK, and was a 1:12 Ferrari 250LM scale mod... Read More »

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Who made the electric eye?

In 1923, Russian-American Vladimir Zworykin patented a device called the iconoscope, which he personally called the "Electric Eye." Zworykin's invention paved the way for the future developments of... Read More »

When was the electric fence made?

Although electric fences were described by Mark Twain in 1889, the earliest known use of an electric fence was by William "Bill" Gallagher Sr., an inventor from New Zealand who made one from a car'... Read More »

Who made the first electric drill?

The first electric drill was patented in Australia by William Blanch Brain and Arthur James Arnot on August 20,1889. They intended to use the invention to drill rock. In 1895, a smaller electric dr... Read More »

Where was the electric guitar made?

Adolph Rickenbacker is generally believed to be the first person to have created the modern electric guitar. His guitar, like all electric guitars, could be plugged into an amplifier. It was create... Read More »