What was the first Happy Meal toy?

Answer The first Happy Meal toy, which debuted in 1979, had a circus theme and featured a "McDoodler" stencil, a plastic puzzle lock, a "McWrist" children's wallet, an identification bracelet, a spinning ... Read More »

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What is in a Happy Meal?

A regular Happy Meal is a complete child's meal found at McDonald's restaurant. The meal includes a McDonald's classic hamburger, a choice of small fries or apple dippers, and the choice of low-fat... Read More »

When was the Happy Meal invented?

The Happy Meal is McDonald's smaller-portion meal marketed and sold specifically to children. The restaurant first introduced it in 1979 in Kansas City and St. Louis, where it was called the Circus... Read More »

How much does a Happy Meal cost?

The cost of McDonald's Happy Meals varies from $2.89 - $3.99 depending on the region in which you live and the owner of individual franchises. What does not vary is your choice of a hamburger, chee... Read More »

When was the Happy Meal introduced?

In 1979 McDonald's introduced the Happy Meal, child sized portions of food and a toy packed in a colorful box with a side drink. The festive box and toy appealed to children and one toy, Teenie Bea... Read More »