What was the fare to the bus in 1968?

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Bus fare or toy train fare from Kalka to Shimal?

Hi,Currently I am living in Chandigarh.As per me best way to go to Shimla from Kalka is by toy train as you can see 108 tunnels on the way.And when coming back use bus services.There are two type o... Read More »

What does air fare basis mean?

The air fare basis is a code of eight letters and numbers. This code is used by the airline to identify the fare amount, class, refunds, minimum stay and other identifiers unique to that airline ti... Read More »

How much is the fare for train?

You have not mentioned your details of journey i.e. origin station, destination, train No. class of journey etc. so it is difficult to answer.

If you're under 16, do you pay half fare on the train?

Assuming you are talking about the UK, the answer is yes