What was a name of a TV show for children from the 80s with Muppets about the greatest operas but not the Maestro's company?

Answer its Courtney and its not really a million dollars its the same money as last time chris said that on the first episode

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What is the muppets drummer's name?

What was the drummer's name on the Muppets?

Animal was the name of the drummer, apparently based on Mick Fleetwood of Fleetwood Mac.

What is the Muppets name on sesame street in the garbage can?

What was the dogs name from the cartoon Captain Kangaroo?

Captain Kangaroo was NOT a cartoon character but a live one, played by Bob Keeshan. The dog you are thinking of was a sort of side-kick on the Cartoon- Tom Terrific which was aired ( one believes p... Read More »