What was the date of the Bali bombing?

Answer The Bali terror attack took place on Oct. 12, 2002 when two bombs exploded in Bali, Indonesia's Kuta district, which is a popular nightclub hot spot on the island. In all, 202 people were killed, m... Read More »

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What was the Lebanon bombing?

Israel bombed Lebanon. Or:Perhaps you are talking about the 1983 bombing of the Barracks that housed Marines and French Troops.

Boston Marathon Bombing Help?

Confirmed as a bomb, yes. 2 killed, at least 23 injured, 6 severely injured. (More may die from there injuries soon, but as of now, that's what I know)EDIT: Another bomb was detonated, 2 more found... Read More »

How many amputations resulted in the Boston bombing?

Maybe you'll find your answer here.…

Anything in the boston bombing not making sense?

I'll tell you whats not adding up. The fact that the guy who got his legs blown off in the blast didn't really get blown off in the blast but in afganastan. serving in the military. It saddens ... Read More »