What was the crime that caused the Adoption and Safe Family Act of 1997?

Answer They are still just called their mother or godmother.Another answer:It depends on the preference of the birth mother. If she wants to be called Mother, or Mom, or Bio-Mom, or whatever -- let her ch... Read More »

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Will two or more adoption financial assistance organizations work together on one adoption case so that all of the adoption costs are covered or is help limited to aid from one company per adoption?

No, you can only use one agency per adoption and I would recommend you do so.There are banks, however, that will work with the financial assistance organizations and can provide you low or no inter... Read More »

How do you find the family that gave your father up for adoption?

You could try contacting "The Locater". I believe his name is Timothy Dunn.

What was the crime rate in 1997?

The total number of the estimated crimes stem from murder, property, rape and robbery crimes. The crime rate in 1997, according to the FBI, was 13.2 million, a 2 percent drop from 1996. Most crimes... Read More »

What was the teen crime rate in 1997?

According to a Frontline report from PBS the Juvenile courts handled about 1.7 million cases in 1997. Two thousand of those cases were for homicide and 6,500 were for rape. The overall number of ca... Read More »