What was the department of defense like in 1800-1850?

Answer physically, sure, but it will get heavy very fast, you will be very inaccurate, impossible to reload your weapon, and is not recommended, you could be better with two uzi's, mack 10's or other smal... Read More »

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Holley 0-1850 Information?

The Holley 0-1850 is one of the most popular high-performance street carburetors used by hot-rodders and muscle-car restorers. The inexpensive, near-universal replacement carburetor easily bolts on... Read More »

Where is Atlanta on an 1850 U.S. map?

United States maps of the 19th century typically only listed each state's capital and a few of the larger cities, which would have excluded Atlanta in 1850. The approximate location of Atlanta in 1... Read More »

Who patented parchment paper in 1850?

John Mercer patented his invention of parchment paper in 1850. Treating cotton cloth with chemicals to make it stronger and translucent, with shorter and thicker fibers, is still known as "merceriz... Read More »

How to Change the Oil on a Coleman Sport 1850?

A small four-stroke engine with a splash and drip lubrication system powers the Coleman Pulse-Sport 1850 electric generator, made by Powermate. Oil in the engine cleans, cools and lubricates the mo... Read More »