What was the childrens programme called with the round yellow family who lived in a teapot?

Answer Because it was lucrative

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What was 90's childrens tv programme with children being told story by woman with red teapot and sock puppet?

it was in the teletubbies when they showed little random clips in the teletubbies tummies, she was my favourite

What is the old childrens programme where the animals lived in a volcano on an island?

ahh i kno the program u mean! one of them sort of looks like a clown! i think it was called something island. it was great, they were made out of plastacine if im right

What is the name of this 90s childrens tv programme A fantasy set in a village kids lived there and were chased by evil medieval type baddies from another reality 1 wore a mask and growled?

Who was in the childrens tv programme called how?

His surname is Jones. Not surprising as the first series was produced by the Welsh channel SC4.