How to Draw a Cartoon Cowboy?

Answer Viewers have expectations when viewing a cartoon character. For example, a villian will have menacing eyes and a cowboy will have a cowboy hat. When drawing a cartoon cowboy he should be recognizab... Read More »

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Have you a favourite cowboy movie with John 'the Duke' Wayne in it.?

mclintock'n the shootist matey. friggin paladin be killin off me 'duke'! SAVVY! :P

What is the name of the classic cartoon where before the mouse runs away he says savoi fare is everywhere?

This is a classic example of bad cultural parodying and classic in the bad sense. the program was a cartoon called Courageous Cat. The Cat is a mounted policeman in Canada. the Mouse ( bad guy) cha... Read More »

Which cartoon character was the fastest mouse in all Mexico?

Who was in the movie"Rhinestone Cowboy"?

There is no movie called "Rhinestone Cowboy." However, a country song called "Rhinestone Cowboy" by Glen Campbell inspired the movie "Rhinestone." The movie, released in 1984, starred Sylvester ... Read More »