Can you be immunised against bubonic plague?

Answer not that i know of

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Total death count for the bubonic plague?

~Death Toll~ 40% of Egypt's population 50% of Paris's population 60% of Hamburg's and Bremen's population 110,000 or 120,000 inhabitants in 1338 to 50,000 in 1351 ~ Florence, Italy around 35% ... Read More »

My friend called today and said he's got some "Bubonic Chronic". Should I send a get well soon card?

Who is the narrator in The Plague?

How to Know if You Have Pneumonic Plague?

Yersinia pestis, the bacterium that causes the plaguePneumonic Plague is an outbreak that has been occurring in Asia, Africa, and Eastern Europe. The chances of contracting it here are very slim, b... Read More »