Teens: What is the biggest mistake you've made thus far in your life?

Answer I regret not being confident enough to practically do anything.My self-esteem was so low I couldn't talk to guys, I couldn't talk in front of the class, or meet new peopleI feel like I've missed ou... Read More »

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What is the biggest mistake your adoptive parents made in raising you?

They didn't allow me to ask questions about my first family - or about my adoption.When I did - they got a pained look on their faces - and I knew it was best just to shut up.They also actually tol... Read More »

GIRLS....What is the biggest fashion mistake most women make?

I have made a serious mistake on q and a?

I made a mistake and i need some help please =[?

I understand your concern and theirs. Usually cutting is a form of relief for some people but in your case it was only once so explain that much to them. Tell them you were angry and cut your thigh... Read More »