What is the best selling movie soundtrack of all time?

Answer According to, the soundtrack to the 1992 movie "The Bodyguard" is the best selling movie soundtrack of all time. The soundtrack to the movie has sold an estimated 17 million copies in t... Read More »

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In what year did they start selling hot tubs?

Hot tubs were first sold in 1954 when the portable whirlpool pump was invented by the Jacuzzi brothers. The first hot tubs were made from olive vats, oak barrels and wine tanks.Source:Nordic Hot Tu... Read More »

What year did they quit selling asbestos floor tiles?

Contrary to popular belief, vinyl floor tiles with embedded asbestos are still legal to sell in the United States. The 1989 Environmental Protection Agency ban on asbestos was rewritten due to a de... Read More »

In what year did IBM announce that it would start selling personal computers?

IBM announced its first personal computer in 1981. Called the IBM PC, the model's price began at $1,565, according to IBM's website. After a variety of other companies began creating their own vers... Read More »

I'm selling my 5 year old 'Seagate' 20GB hard disk.?

before you sell it fill it up with twenty gb of rubbish like videos and music defrag it then format it and do it again , then fdisk it and format it i defy you to get any usable data after that (as... Read More »