What was the Windows 95 or 98 Sound Effects program called?

Answer There are many ways to get sound effects. The Internet has a ton of places where these may be downloaded from.And as to something that works like what you describe, you could do a quick Google sea... Read More »

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Is there any program that allows a 5.1 sound system display sound from only, lets say one speaker?

The Yamaha RX-V 6 series of receivers have a feature called "Virtual Cinema" that lets you use 1,2,3 or 5 speakers.But it sounds like you really want a "Zone 2" feature where the AV Receiver lets y... Read More »

What is a free and simple special effects program?

A quick Google search using the following keywords will give you a start on such applications: special effects video software Such as these links: http:... Read More »

What is a scientist who studies sound called?

According to the Acoustical Society of America, an acoustician studies sound. There are a variety of subfields in acoustics such as underwater acoustics, architectural acoustics, noise control and ... Read More »

What year were sound effects added to slot machines?

Bally, then primarily a manufacturer of pinball machines, released the first slot machine with sound effects, the Money Honey, in 1964. The Money Honey also was the first multi-coin slot machine an... Read More »