What was the United States of America's world ranking in the FIFA World Cup of May 2004?

Answer The U.S. was 11th in the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) world rankings in May 2004. The U.S. is 14th in the current rankings. The 2010 World Cup tournament is in South Afri... Read More »

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What proportion of the world's population is represented by the United States?

As of July 3, 2010, the United States Census Bureau's population clock estimated the world population as 6,853,627,047 and the United States population at 309,651,145. This makes the United States ... Read More »

How many soldiers did the United States send to different countries during World War I?

The United States mobilized a total of 4,355,000 soldiers to fight in World War I. Two million alone were sent to fight in France. A total of 120,144 soldiers died during the war, over half through... Read More »

What percentage of world oil markets do United States companies have?

In 2007, United States companies had 40 percent of world oil markets. By 2030, the United States consumption trend is predicted to reach 118 million barrels per day, up from 20.7 million in 2005.Re... Read More »

Why did the United States become involved in affairs in the Middle East following World War 2?

To prevent oil-rich Arab nations from falling under Soviet influence.