What was the US foreign policy in the American civil war?

Answer The emergence of the Soviet Union put an end to the US pre-war tendency toward isolationism. Foreign policy turned toward preventing the expansion of communism, which would bolster the political an... Read More »

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What impact did slavery have on US foreign policy before the American Civil War?

From a historical standpoint, American foreign policy was one of constant change, starting from one of neutrality, changing to one of isolationism, retreating back to neutrality and then finally en... Read More »

What was the US foreign policy during the Civil War in El Salvador?

Any nation that was either friendly or non-friendly were the guidelines. If they swayed towards the communists, they were considered un-friendly; and covert operations would commence. If they were ... Read More »

What is the us foreign policy on Iraq and civil war?

I only found a budgeted amount at the State Department website. It looks like it's about $53 trillion but I am not sure as I try to add the subdivisions and it does not add to the $53 trillion. I h... Read More »

Which branch of the civil service carries out the foreign policy of the US?

the report strengthened isolationist statement in the United States