Who led the national guard to the Ludlow massacre?

Answer Brigadier General John Chase

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Where is Ludlow, Vermont?

Ludlow is a small town (population 2,449, according to the 2000 census) in southwest Vermont, at the junction of State Routes 100 and 103. Okemo Mountain Resort, a popular ski resort, lies just wes... Read More »

Who is the stand up comedian on ludlow laughs reading rainbow at the comedy club?

tom and jerry, scooby... jetsons, gumbi...Rugrats was y favourite

What is the biggest massacre event in the history of Cuba?

The biggest massacre in the history of Cuba took place in Caonao, near Camaguey. When the Spanish arrived at the town in 1502, they killed everyone who was there to welcome them. The people who man... Read More »

What country was home to the massacre of us marines in the city of Mogadishu?

I believe you are referring to when the Army Blackhawk Helicopters went down in October of 1993 in Mogadishu, Somalia. They were not Marines.