What was the Liberty Bell's original name?

Answer The Liberty Bell originally was known as the State House Bell because it was located in the Pennsylvania State House (later renamed Independence Hall) in Philadelphia. The American Anti-Slavery Soc... Read More »

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Materials Used for Original Jingle Bells?

Jingle bells trace their origins to Medieval times. Their purposes and uses have included religious, ritual, signaling, magical, warning and musical. Their sturdy ancestors were used to keep track ... Read More »

How to Take Action Toward Religious Liberty While Learning from Liberty Counsel Videos?

Have you wondered how you a supporter of the "First Amendment", U.S. Constitutional freedoms, or Biblical Judaeo-Christian -- or as a religious person -- may find assistance, delineate issues and h... Read More »

Is anyone interested in a Kowa seT R2 camera in original condition with original case ?

If you are giving it away for free, send me a shipping quote for 11377 New York. If you are selling it, you are in the wrong place. Y! Answers does not allow selling.

What is the value of a 4' by 8' original Swastika flag of red and white cloth sewn on both sides with an original photograph taken in Normandy in the early 1940s?

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