What was the Greek view of women?

Answer According to Kidipede, a history website for kids, the Greek society often compared issues in pairs. For instance, humans might be compared with animals or gods. The Greeks also compared genders.Ro... Read More »

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Rights of Greek Men vs. Greek Women?

The lives of women differed greatly from the lives of men in ancient Greece. A highly civilized and advanced society in many ways, ancient Greek culture was also very patriarchal in structure. Men ... Read More »

What ancient Greek earth-mother is linked to the New Age view of our planet as a living organism?

Gaia Hypothesis------------------------Beyond this, however, there are greater questions to be asked pertaining to the nature of life itself. Is a planet just a lump of rock, or is it a living orga... Read More »

What Was the Clothing Greek Women Wore in Ancient Times?

Greek clothing was simple. Women wore sleeveless tunics made primarily of wool and linen, but also of flax and other materials. In cold weather, they wore cloaks. The women used pins and other jewe... Read More »

The Hairstyles of Ancient Greek Women?

Though in a time that seems distant and long passed, the ladies of ancient Greece were as concerned with the latest hairstyles as women are today. As civilization began to flourish during the class... Read More »