What was the Childbirth Fatality in Medieval Times?

Answer It was staggering among the commoners, and even the nobility was afflicted. some famous people who died in childbirth were the Polish Queen Jadwiga ( or Hedwig) and Queen Isabella of Spain, in l504... Read More »

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What did a king do in the medieval times?

During the Middle Ages, after the collapse of the Roman Empire, kings exercised absolute rule over the lands they controlled. Kings collected taxes, led armies and oversaw the medieval system of la... Read More »

What was a jester in medieval times?

A jester was a professional entertainer for kings and noblemen in medieval times. Court jesters read poetry, juggled and told jokes to amuse royalty. Jesters also had the rare freedom to mock lords... Read More »

What was a summoner in medieval times?

A medieval summoner served the Church in England and Scotland, representing its legal interest abroad. In the 14th century, the famous medieval English poet Geoffrey Chaucer described the role of ... Read More »

What was a mace in medieval times?

A mace was used as a weapon in medieval times. It was one of the most readily available types of weapon as it was cheap to make and did not require any specialist weapon-making skills.HistoryA mace... Read More »