What was the Average birth weight in 2004?

Answer Answer The mean birth weight in grams was 3,316 for 2004 according to this CDC report

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What is the average birth weight of a girl?

Can a baby's birth weight be estimated by mother's birth weight?

Actually here is fact that i read in a book I cant recall the name of the book but I read it when i was pregnant. If you are having a relatively normal pregnancy and are going to carry to full term... Read More »

What is the average weight of an average sized washing machine?

What is the gross weight of the 2004 Nissan Quest?

The 2004 Nissan Quest's gross weight is 5,732 lbs. Its curb weight is 4,012 lbs. The gross weight is the total amount of weight the vehicle can support, including passengers, cargo and its own curb... Read More »