What is an Offer In Compromise (OIC)?

Answer An Offer In Compromise is an Internal Revenue Service program that allows citizens with unpaid tax debt to settle for an amount less than they owe.QualificationsTo apply for an Offer In Compromise... Read More »

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What did the Compromise of 1820 do?

The Compromise of 1820 is also known as the Missouri Compromise, which revolves around the introduction of the state of Missouri into the Union. Controversy surrounded the position of Missouri as a... Read More »

What is conflict&compromise?

Conflict is one of the basic components of human interaction. Arguing, disagreeing and outright fighting are part of forming relationships. One of the most important parts of conflict is knowing ho... Read More »

What is the Crittenden Compromise?

The Crittenden Compromise, proposed by Kentucky Senator John J. Crittenden on Dec. 18, 1860, was to reconcile the North and South over the issue of slavery. It was met with great disregard, especia... Read More »

What form do i use for an irs offer in compromise?

You will need to use Form 656 in order to request an Offer in Compromise from the IRS. You may also need Form 433-A for Wage Earners and Self-Employed Individuals or Form 433-B which is for busines... Read More »