What year did the 15th Amendment guarantee voting rights regardless of race?

Answer The 15th Amendment to the Constitution, prohibiting voting rights discrimination based on race, passed Feb. 3, 1870. The amendment was a Reconstruction Era law in the aftermath of the Civil War int... Read More »

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Im buying a condo as a forcloser from Wells Fargo bank im in cntract the pres of board says it fraud he wants to buy it in the amendment it says they have first dibs amendment is from 1965?

The governing documents may dictate who can purchase the unit. You may need a condominium-savvy attorney to help you interpret the documents.

What can i do for my 15th birthday?

What birthstone is August 15th?

Every month has its own traditional birthstone, given as a gift to people whose birthday falls in that month. The birthstone for the month of August is the peridot, a green gemstone. Peridots are a... Read More »