What was that TV show in the '90s that had kids mail in short fictional stories and the show would act them out and was NOT called Kids' Writes but may have had 'creative' or 'inspire' in the title?

Answer Haha! I was looking for it for about 5 minutes and I found it, I gave up after about 2 and then I was just looking and his little head popped out at me :]It's on the right hand side, near the botto... Read More »

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What is the name of that old 90's tvo kids show where short stories are acted out At the beginning and end there was always a little girl who like bossed around an older man?

Old tv show on ABC family it had a red convertable in the beginning it was placed in la there were 7 kids like 20 year olds and the title did have 7 in it?

What was the kids tv show from the 90s called when you had to put shapes into a bus?

What is the name of the girl who read or told stories on Sesame Street or different kids show on PBS in the 1980s and her voice sounded like her nose was always plugged?