What was special about the 1981 IBM PC?

Answer The IBM 5150 Personal Computer, introduced in August 1981, took the computer world by storm with its compact design, affordable price and attractive bundle of extras.SpecificationsThe IBM PC featur... Read More »

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How to obtain my child's medical records of premature birth for March 17 1981 to April 14 1981.?

Oxytocin is used in child birth to strengthen uterine contractions. it is used during labour(first stage) when the uterine contractions are hypotonic(weak contractions).in his case its used to aug... Read More »

What would be the current value on a 1981 Clemson championship coca cola bottle and the value in about 5 year?

Those bottles usually run anywhere between 10 and 20 dollars, unopened. An opened one will be in the 10 dollar range. If you search "1981 Clemson championship coca cola bottle" you'll find severa... Read More »

What was the name of the talk show circa 1981 that came on around 3 am and featured women sitting at kitchen table drinking coffee talking about their families and was on NYC channel 11 or 9?

it was Georgia who wins who is 13. she has a sister called Lydia who's 17 and a older sister Sophie who's 20

What is so special about blu-ray players?

Contrary to what others may say, Mable, there is NOT a huge difference in picture quality between Blu-Ray and DVD. It is noticeable, yes, but assuming you have a DVD player that up-converts from th... Read More »