What was reason for midwives to rub baby with salt?

Answer Many birth practices have existed since ancient times regarding cleansing and rubbing a newborn following birth. Soranus of Ephesus, a first century Greek physician published a text entitled "On Mi... Read More »

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Due to the use of salt on roads,1 town chose not to use salt 1 winter n accidents went down. suggest a reason.?

one suggested reason that i had heard, is that drivers, upon hearing that no salt was being used, drove slower and safer.

What could be the reason for craving for salt ............?

Salt cravings are a common occurrence and are usually not severe. There are many reasons for salt cravings and most are mild and can be treated easily. There are a few reasons that are more serious... Read More »

My baby sister wakes up and starts crying because she says a snake with breasts is coming after her and she really looks like she is seeing it. What coukld be the reason for this and whats the cure?

if she is around 2/7 years of age then its it is poss able to have her crying at night I'm in a family of 12 so I'm used to it. the cure is probley warm milk and Cookie so she knows your there for ... Read More »

What do you do if the baby is crying for no reason?