What was popular music during the 1960s?

Answer Popular music of the 1960s was defined by new genres, intense creativity and radical experimentation, often fueled by the burgeoning drug scene and political events. From the Beach Boys to Black Sa... Read More »

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What popular television shows in 1960s?

hi John, The monkey series, lovely umbrella, and the golden shoes.

Information About Popular Hairstyles in the 1960s?

The 1960s began with the highly formal up-sweep big hair styles from the late 1950s, but as the women's movement, protest groups and hippies got into full swing toward the end of that decade, hair ... Read More »

What are popular music/pop music 2011-2012 in Taiwan?

AI NI (LOVE YOU)- KIMBERLEY CHEN**** (super popular on the charts, and definitely my favorite song for almost 2 months now....)天后- 陳勢安 Andrew Tan (lovee! listened to it almost everyday lo... Read More »

Popular club music or house music on radio?

Not that ive heard of... what you could do is buy an FM transmitter... plug it in ur ipod or mp3 player... switch the settings to the station you want, and the music will take over the station... l... Read More »