What happened to John Waynes guns from his movies?

Answer I'm not sure how well known it is but John Wayne had a wonderful gun collection. The guns he used in his movies were from his private colletion. It included many old and antique guns, some of them ... Read More »

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What is John Travolta's best movie?

Definitely "Broken Arrow". He was wicked, wicked bad in that one! Totally Cool!!!

What is the best John Travolta movie ever?

Punisher!!!!wah noone likes The Punisher...:((

Your favorite John Cusack movie?

What is your favorite John Goodman movie?

The Big Lebowski, probably. I'm not the biggest Coen Brothers fan, but his collaborations with them are always fantastic. Barton Fink is another good one. BQ: Yeah, he's coming out with a ton. ... Read More »