At what grease level is it the proper time to pump out a grease trap?

Answer A grease trap is a system that many cities require to be installed in restaurants and other places with public kitchens. It removes grease from waste water, preventing it from being added to the wa... Read More »

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What was the name of the track from Grease that played in the Angry Beavers episode Pond Scum?

There were several different ones. A couple of them are from movies -- one from Il Postino, and another from Cinema Paradiso (my apologies if I've misspelled)

What is john glenn's middle name?

John Glenn's full name is John Herschel Glenn, jr.

What is the name of John Winchester's psychic friend?

What were the name of john mcdonoghs siblings?

There are no specific figures available for how alcohol and drug use affects sexual activity among teen girls. Of greater concern is the use of sedatives or tranquilizers that the girl may be unawa... Read More »