What was it like being a teenager during the depression?

Answer Teenagers' lives were greatly impacted by the Great Depression. Three-quarters of those who worked were unemployed, many took on responsibilities at home and some were uprooted completely in search... Read More »

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What was it like living during the depression?

Life during the Great Depression was difficult financially, and living situations were uncomfortable for most people in rural areas. Many who may have been doing financially well before the Great D... Read More »

How to Get Over Depression As a Teenager?

Teenagers should be excited about starting a different grade or worried about their test. They shouldn't feel pain that no one deserves.

What are you "ten commandments of being a teenager"?

1. Thou shall not stab one another in the back.2. Thou shall not lie when asked one's opinion on a pair of jeans in relation to the size of someone's butt.3. Thou shall have a best friend to rely o... Read More »

What was scarce during the depression?

The Great Depression was a time of significant economic distress in the United States and many other areas of the world. Lasting from 1929 until 1939, the Depression caused many necessities to beco... Read More »