What was growing on his head?

Answer Google image search cornu cutaneum (or Cutaneous horns) if you're not squeamish. It's a medical condition. Maybe that's what it was.

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Mold growing on the wall at the head of my bed?

Cosmini mold grows due to excessive moisture like a leak in the wall from a water pipe or a window ;left open during the rains and walls get wet and not dries up or the water may be seeping throug... Read More »

Mold is growing on the wall at the head of my bed?

Any mould problem inside a house should be fixed ASAP. Mould is not safe and can cause you to get sick (a cough, runny nose, breathing problems) if you spend a long time close to it. Sleeping in ... Read More »

Tips for Growing Hair on a Bald Head?

Both men and women lose hair as a result of genetics, stress, medication or illness. Many of these people take steps to increase their hair growth and try to keep the hair they have. Luckily, there... Read More »

Why has the doc ordered a cat scan because my 6 month hold's head is growing faster than it should.?

For my nephew it was hydrocephalus (water on the brain). He was a premie and they said it was probably caused from an injury when he was so small and the head is so sensitive.He had to have a drain... Read More »