TH Family:Any pictures of family members of the guys?

Answer To the first answer, that is not their mum, I remember reading somewhere that it was rumored that that was her but she is a TV presenter or something and that is not her.This is their mum: http://b... Read More »

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Can you guess what my family had for dinner tonight?

Spagettii,Pasta,Meat,Steak,Hamburgers,Ho… Dogs,Noodles,Sandwiches,Corn,Cake,Briske… Dogs,Mac & Cheese,Chocolate,Subway,McDonalds,Sonic,…Lasagna,Rice,Veggies,Chinese,Asian,Piz…Nachos,Shrimp,... Read More »

Tokio Hotel Family: What would you like to ask the guys?

I have tons but my top favorite Q's would be:Bill - What happened to your PSP and Jumbie?Gustav - What's your favorite Metallica Song? (mines Fade To Black,yours?)Georg - Are you still into the mai... Read More »

What should I cook for my family tonight 10 POINTS FOR BEST ANSWERSS :D?

Chicken aflredochickne and rice how abotu some browiens

Tokio Hotel Family... Bill Quote?

Awww! I love that one. While i look for it, heres this one, its not from Bill but its a kinda quote thing about TH, dont know if you have heard about it before? =]READY,SET,GO!Your time is running ... Read More »